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Before being able to access results or statistics you will need to 'Select' a particular organisation of interest to you.

To do this, click the Search menu item and follow the instructions on that page to locate and select the organisation whose information (eg. results, fixtures & ladders) you wish to view. If you are interested in a particular competition/grade you can locate the relevant controlling association by choosing the Grade/Competition option on the search page.

Once you've found the organisation, click either the organisation name or the Select link next to it. All information is then accessable via the items in the main menu which is visible on all pages. The following menu items provide access to scores and results:

  • Matches - gives access to fixtures, and match results
  • Ladders - gives access to ladders in both summary/basic format and points earnt by round
  • Statistics - gives access to a number of statistical type reports - eg matches played, goal scorers

Once an organisation is selected, the organisation name will appear in the site header. Provided your browser allows cookies from Rugby Link (see below), your browser will remember your selection - even after you close and re-open your browser. You do not need to select an organisation every time you visit the site.

Information is only presented which is relevant to the selected organisation. For example, if a club is selected, only the grades that the club participates in (which may be across one or more associations) are available. If the site is customised for an association, all grades for that association are available.

If you want to selet a different organisation simply repeat the above process. You can easily switch between recent organisations via the direct links under the Recent Searches section of the search page.

Who enters the information?

All information is entered by the clubs, or by an association on behalf of the clubs. InteractSport does not enter or maintain any information relating to match results or players/referees. If the information is missing or out of date, please contact the club or association concerned.


In order to customise the site for a particular organisation your browser will need to allow cookies from Note that even if cookies are enabled on your browser, some anti-virus or anti-spyware software can block them. If you are always redirected to the Search page this usually means cookies are being blocked.

To allow cookies please refer to the documentation/online help of your browser, anti virus or anti-spyware software as appropriate. By default, most browsers are configured to allow cookies from most web sites.

We only use cookies to store your preferences, such as which organisation you last visited, and in the case of the Administration site, to securely authenticate you so that you don't have to log in everytime you visit a new page.

We do not use cookies to store or retrieve sensitive information such as your email address, please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

Using Cookies help us to give you a better user experience. For more information about cookies you might want to check out CookieCentral, in particular their FAQ page.


This site should work with most modern browsers. Some older browsers may not be able to display our cascading menus.

Recommended Browers (Rugby Link public site)

Note: We recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer (6.0 or later:PC, 5.2 or later:Mac) when accessing the Rugby Link administration site to take full advantage of the features offered in this site. Most administration features will be usable using any of the above browsers, and we are continually striving to support the widest range of browsers that we can.

Adobe PDFs

Some of our documents available for download are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need the Adobe PDF reader to view and print these documents.

The Adobe PDF reader can be downloaded for free from Adobe.

Download the Adobe PDF Reader

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